EN – About Mădăras

Mădăras Bihor Thermal Swimming Pool
Mădăras Thermal Swimming Pool is the main tourist attraction of the commune. The therapeutic properties of the thermal waters found in the area attract many tourists both from the country and abroad. The swimming pool is equipped with 3 pools, a large one where the water temperature reaches 32 degrees C, a pool specially designed for children with a water temperature of 32 degrees C and a pool where the water temperature reaches up to 38 degrees C, used by the people who want to practice health, therapeutic and relaxing tourism at the same time.

UDSCR Madaras Bihor
Also in Mădăras, those who want to discover a part of the Slovak tradition can visit Mădăras Bihor UDSCR, where a small “museum” is arranged with objects and the Slovak folk costumes, the way the houses were arranged in old times, icons.

Homorog – “Nașterea Maicii Domnului” Orthodox Church, the church thanks to its painting, is considered one of the most important architectural monuments in the country. The church is included in the category of religious sites of the national cultural heritage.
Near the church we find the Museum of Icons. It was founded in 1970-1973 with the help of the priest Nemeș Gheorghe. Here we can find over 200 objects, wooden icons, glass icons, old books, wooden crosses, flags, garments, old ceramics, towels, rural furniture, wall clocks and various household items. In 1973 it was given its final form and was opened for visiting, being included among the places of cultural and

Oradea, some of its sights
Oradea Fortress has a history of almost 1000 years, Oradea Fortress has all the advantages of being a top tourist destination not only for the city on the banks of Crișul Repede but also for the western region of Romania and, more broadly, for the central eastern European space Moon Church, Black Eagle Passage, Țării Crișurilor Museum, Iosif Vulcan Memorial Museum, Ady Endre Memorial Museum,
Aurel Lazar Memorial Museum and many more. Oradea Town Hall and the Clock Tower

Baile Felix and Băile 1 May
Baile Felix is the largest spa resort in Romania, ranked second, after the Black Sea coast, in terms of the number of accommodation places in Romania. It is among the few resorts in Romania that is available to tourists throughout the year, regardless of the season. Băile 1 May just like Baile Felix are recognized for their thermal waters and therapeutic properties.

Source Alesd Town Hall – Şoimului Fortress
Alesd, the historical past is closely related to Piatra Șoimului fortress, located on a forested cliff at a short distance from the town, more precisely 5km, on the route passing through Pestis.

Tourist Attractions: Şinteu Catholic Church, Parish near the Church, Rural Tourism. Huta Slavia

Vadu Crisului-Budureasa

Crisul Repede Defile. It was given the status of a natural reservation in August 1955. The “Crisul Repede Defile” Nature Reserve is appreciated for the diversity of rare plant and wildlife species that have their habitat here.
Some of the caves in the area: Vadu Crisuluisi Cave, Vadu Crisului Waterfall, Ungru Mare Cave, Vantului Cave, Batranului Cave.

Lesu Reservoir and Power Station. Lesu Lake is a reservoir located on Valea Iadului, at about 6 km away from Remeti.

Valea Iadului with Syringajosikaea (carpathian lilac) reservation and monument of nature

Stana de Vale Resort Located at an altitude of 1,100 m, on Valea Iadului, Stana de Vale is one of the most popular resorts in the country. Having a strong ionized air it is an ideal environment for spending a holiday in nature, having a series of tourist attractions, remarkable landscapes and great mountain trails.

Pietroasa Commune – At 82 km from Băile Felix, in the Beiuş Depression, on DN 76, E 79 we find Pietroasa Commune, which presents tourist great opportunities, a tourist structure already having experience and development potential

Pietrele Galbenei – The main attractions in the area are: the 18th-century wooden churches, the specific ethnofolkloric elements (fabrics, furrier’s trade), natural reserves – Pietrele Galbenei (monument of nature), Galbenei Gorges, Piatra Bulzului – also a Third Category protected area of national interest, Ursilor Cave , Ghetarul Foc Viu Cave

Padiș – Following the road DJ 763 we reach Padiș area. Padiș is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places. Located at a distance of 107 km from Oradea and 13 km from Boga. The ramifications of DJ 763 allow car access to the main tourist attractions in the area.
Ponor Fortresses – one of the 7 wonders of Romania, Poiana Ponor, Radese Fortresses, The Lost World

Vartop Resort
It is the most famous ski-potential mountain resort in the Apuseni Mountains, Vartop resort attracts more and more tourists not only by the presence of arranged ski slopes but also by the variety of attractions in the area. The tourists have three ski slopes available. Piatra Graitoare Ski Slope, Vartop 1 Ski Slope, Vartop 2 Ski Slope

Ruginoasa Pit – a unique landscape and a very interesting geologic natural reserve.

Varciorog Waterfall with a 15-meter high waterfall is not necessarily very spectacular but beautiful enough to be declared a landscape reserve.

Arieseni Resort
Tourist activity takes place both in the warm and cold seasons. During winter the resort is assaulted by tourists eager to practice winter sports, here they being able to find the

Vartop Arieseni ski slope
In the summer season and not only you can go on trips and hiking to the many tourist attractions in Arieseni and its surroundings

Scarisoara Glacier – the unique karst phenomenon in Romania, located only 15 km away from
Arieseni. The glacier inside the cave is over 3,000 years old and the cave has a total length of 750 meters, tourists being allowed to visit it on a 250-meter sector.